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Internet Network Cables for Gaming and Streaming

Internet Network Cables for Gaming and Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

In today’s competitive gaming and streaming landscape, every advantage counts. A high-quality internet connection is essential for seamless online gameplay and captivating streaming experiences. And when it comes to wired connections, the choice of network cable can make all the difference.

Impact of Network Cables on Gaming and Streaming

Network cables are the physical conduits that carry data between your devices and the internet. The type of cable you use can significantly impact your gaming and streaming performance in several ways:

Latency: Network latency is the time it takes for a data packet to travel from your device to the server and back. High latency can lead to lag and dropped connections, hindering your gameplay and ruining your stream’s quality.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted through a cable per second. Higher bandwidth supports faster data transfer, allowing for smoother gaming and higher-quality video streaming.

Reliability: Reliable network cables ensure that data is transmitted correctly and without interruptions. This is crucial for stable gameplay and uninterrupted streaming.

Choosing the Right Network Cable

When selecting a network cable for gaming and streaming, consider the following factors:

Category: Network cables are categorized based on their performance capabilities. For optimal gaming and streaming, choose a cable with a category rating of Cat5e or higher, such as Cat6 or Cat7.

Shielding: Shielded cables provide better protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) than unshielded cables. This can be beneficial in environments with electrical noise, such as near power lines or appliances.

Length: The longer the cable, the greater the signal loss. For optimal performance, use the shortest cable that meets your needs.

Connectors: Ensure that the cable connectors match the ports on your devices and router. Standard RJ45 connectors are commonly used for Ethernet connections.

Recommended Network Cables for Gaming and Streaming

Based on these considerations, the following network cables are highly recommended for gaming and streaming:

Cat6 Ethernet Cable with Shielding (STP): Provides excellent performance and EMI protection, making it ideal for high-speed gaming and streaming.

Cat7 Ethernet Cable with Shielding (S/FTP): Offers even better performance and EMI rejection than Cat6, suitable for demanding gaming and streaming setups.

Cat8 Ethernet Cable with Shielding (S/FTP): The latest and most advanced Ethernet cable standard, delivering exceptional bandwidth and minimal latency for the most demanding uses.


By choosing the right internet network cable, you can significantly enhance your gaming and streaming experiences. High-performance cables reduce latency, increase bandwidth, and improve reliability, ensuring smooth gameplay and captivating streams. Remember, the cable you use can be just as important as your gaming or streaming hardware.

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