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How to Test and Verify Shielded LAN Cable Performance

In the realm of data transmission, shielded LAN cables play a pivotal role in ensuring reliable and high-speed communication. To guarantee optimal performance, thorough testing and verification of these cables are indispensable. This article delves into the multifaceted process of testing and verifying shielded LAN cable performance, providing a comprehensive guide for network professionals and technicians alike.

Fluke Test Equipment

Fluke Networks’ suite of test equipment offers a comprehensive solution for testing and verifying shielded LAN cable performance. These tools are engineered to provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring the integrity of your network infrastructure.

Cable Length Verification

Verifying cable length is crucial to ensure that cables meet the required distance specifications. Fluke’s test equipment, such as the LinkRunner™ AT Network Auto-Tester, enables quick and accurate length measurements. This allows you to promptly identify and rectify any discrepancies that may affect network performance.

Wiremap Testing

Wiremap testing determines the continuity and configuration of the cable’s conductors. Fluke’s cable testers, like the DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series, perform comprehensive wiremap tests to detect miswires, shorts, and opens. Accurate wiremapping ensures that each conductor is properly connected and functioning as intended.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Testing

SNR testing measures the ratio of signal strength to noise level in the cable. Fluke’s DTX CableAnalyzer™ utilizes advanced technology to provide precise SNR measurements, which are critical for assessing cable performance in high-frequency applications. A sufficient SNR level ensures clear and reliable signal transmission.

Attenuation Testing

Attenuation refers to the loss of signal strength as it travels through the cable. Fluke’s test equipment accurately measures attenuation at various frequencies, helping you determine if the cable meets the required performance standards. Proper attenuation levels ensure that signals reach their destination with minimal loss.


Thorough testing and verification of shielded LAN cable performance is essential for ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission. Utilizing Fluke’s comprehensive suite of test equipment, network professionals can confidently assess cable integrity, identify potential issues, and validate network performance. By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that your network infrastructure operates at its optimal capacity, delivering seamless and secure data communication.

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