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Advantages of FPLP Cables Over Other Fire Alarm Wiring

When it comes to safety, no compromise is acceptable. FPLP (Fire Protective Low Power) cables are the superior choice for fire alarm wiring, offering a myriad of advantages that set them apart from conventional options.

Enhanced Fire Resistance

FPLP cables are designed to withstand the extreme heat and flames of a fire. Their robust construction features a fire-resistant outer jacket and insulation that can maintain integrity at temperatures up to 1050°C for extended periods. This ensures that critical fire alarm signals are transmitted even in the harshest conditions, providing ample time for occupants to evacuate.

Circuit Integrity

In the event of a fire, it is crucial that fire alarm circuits remain operational. FPLP cables are manufactured to meet rigorous standards, ensuring minimal current leakage and reliable signal transmission. This prevents false alarms and ensures that the fire alarm system responds effectively to a real emergency.

Durability and Flexibility

FPLP cables are built to last, with a rugged outer sheath that protects against physical damage and environmental factors. Their flexibility allows for easy installation, even in tight spaces or around corners. This reduces installation time and costs while ensuring reliable connections.

Flame Spread Resistance

Unlike traditional wiring materials, FPLP cables are designed to minimize flame spread. In the event of a fire, they will not contribute to the growth or propagation of the blaze, reducing the risk of damage to property and loss of life.

Low Smoke Emissions

In a fire situation, toxic smoke can pose a significant hazard. FPLP cables are manufactured with low-smoke emitting materials, reducing the release of harmful gases and toxins. This ensures that occupants have clear visibility and can evacuate safely.


FPLP cables are the clear choice for fire alarm wiring, offering superior fire resistance, circuit integrity, durability, flame spread resistance, and low smoke emissions. By investing in these advanced cables, you can enhance the safety and reliability of your fire alarm system, protecting lives and property in the event of a fire emergency.

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