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Unshielded Stranded Speaker Copper Cable


Unshielded stranded speaker copper cable is commonly used to connect speakers to an amplifier or receiver in a sound system. Unshielded means that the speaker cord doesn’t have a protective shield or coating, which can make it more susceptible to interference and noise. Stranded refers to the construction of the speaker cord, which is made up of multiple smaller strands of copper wire twisted together. This allows the speaker cord to be more flexible and easier to bend and manipulate. Copper is used as the material for the cable because it is an excellent conductor of electricity, allowing the audio signal to be transmitted with minimal loss of quality.


Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Sound/Audio Systems, Power-Limited Controls.

Electrical Properties

  • Operating Temp:-20℃~+75℃
  • Operating Vol: 300 Volt


  • UL13, Power-Limited Circuit Cable
  • UL 1424. Power-Limited Circuit Fire Alarm Cable
  • NEC Article 760 and 725: NFPA 262(UL 910)
  • RoHS Compliant


Item No.AWG sizeConductorsStrandsInsulation Thickness(mm)Jacket Thickness(mm)O.D.(mm)
22/2 NON-SHLD222Stranded0.20.353
22/4 NON-SHLD224Stranded0.20.353.3
22/6 NON-SHLD226Stranded0.20.353.8
22/8 NON-SHLD228Stranded0.20.354.3
18/2 NON-SHLD182Stranded0.220.353.8
18/3 NON-SHLD183Stranded0.220.354.2
18/4 NON-SHLD184Stranded0.220.354.8
18/6 NON-SHLD186Stranded0.220.355.5
18/8 NON-SHLD188Stranded0.220.356.2
18/10 NON-SHLD1810Stranded0.220.357
18/12 NON-SHLD1812Stranded0.220.357.4
16/2 NON-SHLD162Stranded0.250.354.5
16/3 NON-SHLD162Stranded0.250.354.9
16/4 NON-SHLD164Stranded0.250.355.3
14/2 NON-SHLD162Stranded0.250.355.6
12/2 NON-SHLD162Stranded0.350.356.5

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